December 8, 9 & 10, 2017
Meredith Supernatural

Anoplognathus; Twenty Seven.

Meredith Twenty Seven. For The Very First Time. A three-day, two-night, Four-Dimensional Odyssey in the Supernaturalest Amphitheatre on Earth; a haven, a retreat, a rare treat, an incursion and excursion through inner and outer space Together; all-singing, all-dancing from the same songbook, same shape, same size, with world’s best practice service and facilities, One Stage Fits All, ample Time and spacey Space for anything goes; for fun lovers, for nature lovers, for music lovers, for lovers, for yourself. For One Time Only.

Anoplognathus, from the superfamily Scarabaeoidea, will lead us into beetle.
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See you in The Electric Sup’,



Meredith started in 1991 as a one-off blow out for a coupla hundred free-wheelin’ friends. So much fun was had that she just kept on keeping on.

Uncle Doug and the Supernatural Custodians have spent years refining The Sup’ into a purpose-built Underground Wonderland, where needs are fully met – early and often – so the focus can stay on all flavours of fun. 

26 years of collective know-how married with wild ambition means that sweet little parcel of land is now maturing into Everything We Hoped She Would Be.



The supreme enjoyables that made that first one are still in abundance in 2017: One stage, BYO, free range camping under the stars, the No Dickheads Policy, a complete absence of commercial sponsorship, and the magical mix of music, nature and weird and wonderful humanity at its finest.

Antennae tuned fine to the freakwency.


That the magic happens. Attractions, not distractions. The Meredith Gift, Red Tree, Sunset Strip, Arch of Love, The Boot all just happened and kept happening. Not programmed or curated. No arts application required. Start your own religion. Celebrated or private. Come as you are.


Here is your princess
and here is the horizon

A new sort of magnetic. Beyond mere performance. The depth and breadth of Aldous Harding’s brave new world is astonishing.

Her first record, full of sublime folk, hinted at star potential, but this new one, Party, well, this could be anything. She is going for it, in every way. We’re with her.

Intensely personal, universal, emotive, funny, dark, shape shifting, every song a different planet, Aldous inhabiting it completely, pushing deeper and further into new realms; to the point where you wonder why more artists just don’t go this far. It is frankly thrilling, absolutely committed and realised with the panache of one of the greats. Like a chameleon, different in each song and video, yet always her.

The real rewards are beyond first impressions. Her songs are …well, what to say? Sublime, beautiful, catchy, meditative…I’m throwing my hands up here. Sometimes cat-hair soft, embroidered minimal clarion calls, sometimes pulsing plaintive…ah gee there’s no point. My lord, it’s beautiful.

All my life (hey!) I’ve had to fight to stay
You were right, love takes time, hey, hey

I recommend you just watch her videos, listen to her songs, see her live, and feel alive to the wild possibilities that creative expression provides.

She has pushed us all further out into it, and made us float.

I broke my neck
Dancing to the edge of the world, babe

A new natural resource for a depleted planet.



Aldous Harding plays Friday evening. Her latest album, Party, is remarkable.





Imagining My Man



Thanks to all the feedback and ideas from you and your friends, Meredith self-propagates. We guarantee we will continue to listen, fix things if they don’t work, not fix them if they do and Keep On Making Meredith Meredither.

I hope to see you in The Electric Sup’,

Aunty Meredith
and The Supernatural Custodians